Are the Celtics the Patriots of the NBA? Next man up!

Next man up. That’s all you hear in New England along with “what you want at Dunkies” and “where’s that chowdah.” But in all seriousness the Patriots have really coined the phrase next man up. But the Brad Stevens might have just taken a page out of the Belicheck playbook. Leaving out the Spygate and science of air deflation.

This Celtics team couldn’t have gotten out to a worse start. 10-2 with one of your best players down to a gruesome injury. Just imagine if Gordie was around? They young talent on this roster has had to make leaps and bounds in only a 3 week span. They have been asked to do so much. Now with Big Al Horford down due to Welkerache (too many blows to the head), again they are asked to step up.

In walks in the Bearded Thunder from down under, AAron Baynes. Against the young Lakers team he single handedly took care of the Lakers front court. His offensive game is not very limited like Amir Johnson (much love AJ). Baynes is a sustainable big man.

And now the most crushing loss could be Tatum. Down with ankle soreness his progress is due to slow down. But the real question here is who is next to step up? Nader, Brown, or Yabusele? Nobody knows but I’m sure Brad is cooking something up in that playbook of his. Stay tuned.


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