RIP to AIM in 2017

According to the NY times AIM is shutting down on December 15, 2017…

What a kick in the childhood!

However, my first question is obviously: Who the hell is still using AIM?

Do these people not have cellphones? I can’t help but imagine the people who still use AIM also look a lot like the gamer guy from South Park.


Now I may or may not still use AOL for my emails but before you give me a hard time about that one, let me explain how using AOL for emails and using AIM are two very different things. First off, I check my email on my phone 90% of the time and don’t see any need to use a different provider. Plus, I’m still trying to, “Make AOL Great Again.” And secondly, I am and always will be a ‘90s kid.

I remember using the old AOL and having to login via dial up…which sounded like two transformers banging each other. Back then you could talk to your friends and tie up the phone line at the same time! I used to sneak onto AIM after my mom went to bed thinking that she would never figure it out.

**Spoiler Alert**

She always figured it out.

Then finally one day we saved up enough money to pretend to naht be poor people in Taunton and upgraded to broadband internet. This way we were able to stay logged into AIM all day and set super cool away messages. You had to have the best away message so people didn’t think you were a loser. Usually these consisted of song lyrics because that made everyone feel super edgy. Looking back at this now makes me realize exactly why my parents thought I was an idiot.

But it all started with the AIM screen name. I remember my first one, HulkStillRules5.

I guess that four people before me thought of “HulkStillRules” too, so I was stuck with the five at the end.

Then when I “matured” I then moved onto RedSoxFan337. I’m pretty sure I had that one for about five years or so.

It’s sad to think that things from my childhood are now dying off. Kids these days will never know the joy of coming home to a bunch of IMs or chatting with a robot and asking it dirty sex questions while giggling like a little school girl.

So let’s reminisce with the sounds of AIM and pretend we’re not getting old and dying soon!



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