Shake those rookie jitters. It’s Game 2 man up!

Greatest and busiest time on the Boston sports calendar. Fall is here and we have football in full but poor quality swing. Baseball is always around. Although the BoSox may not be around much longer after another outing of lackluster pitching . Those guys who bash each other’s faces in with the sticks in Boston looked good last night. That being the Boston Bruins. Macavoy you my boi! With all that going on it can be easy for a rookie to get lost in this town.

The Duke product Jayon Tatum found himself in Game 1 of the preseason not lost but over anxious. Trying to do too much, but not being aggressive. He has had a polar opposite in his second preseason game. He looks more like the player Danny Ainge traded down to get. A polished midrange scorer with the ability and tenacity to finish at the rim strong. His patience on the offensive end reminds a lot of people especially around Government Center of a young Paul Pierce.

The young pup wants so bad to be a winner and a scorer he gets in his own way. Now it’s still too early to tell if Tatum will become a Celtics Hall of Famer but many said the same thing about Paul. He’s too slow, doesn’t explode, doesn’t have that killer instinct. Sound familiar?

A lot of radio personalities in Boston say he’s a summer league star and that’s it. They say that’s all he will amount to against real NBA talent. I completely disagree. I was wrong on this guy being the pick but I won’t be wrong when this kid wins Rookie of the Year.

PS Hacksaw you were right. Tatum was the right guy


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