Are the 2017 Celtics the same as Celtics of old…

We are all plenty excited for another year of Celtics basketball. Shiny new assets to show off. And if Monday night was any indication it’s going to be quite interesting. But one thing I can’t get past is that some of these Celtics remind me of the past. Over the rest of the preseason I will highlight and compare our “new” Celtics and see how they relate to Celtics of the past.

Let’s get it. (Remember this is just who they remind me of during their time on the Celtics)

Start with Kyrie. Or Uncle Drew as he is known as. Irving is silky smooth as he is quick and abrupt. Jagged and rough crossovers leave defenders in their wheelchairs. The change of speed and direction at the drop of a dime is remarkable.

  • -killer crossover
  • -smooth jump shot
  • -finishes at the rim with as much efficiency as Shaq in his Orlando days
  • -Defense is shaky at times
  • – sticky fingers (good and bad)
    • Reminds me of …

      Starbury is now cleaning up in the China league. The man has a statue outside the arena like the Jordan has outside of the United Center. But before then he was a quasi star in the NBA. Especially at the time on a very boring Celtics team. But both he and A.I. were kings of the court with their crossovers. Leading to their great finishes at the rim.

      Next is it Gordon Gecko? No. Gordon Bombay? No. Gordon Ramsay? No but that man is a savage. I’d take him all 15 spots on my team. (Also if you didn’t get all of the Gordon references your not a 90s kid) No it’s actually Gordon Hayward.

      Just like his name it is known but not really. He’s a hidden gem of the NBA. His contract contradicts that but to me he is still at the bottom of the star pool. But besides that he brings a lot to the 2017 Celtics.

      • Attacks rim well and often
      • Great pull up game
      • Top 20 defender in the league
      • Handles ball well for a 3.
      • Lacks postseason pedigree (no fault of his own)
      • Have not yet seen a killers mentality
      • Has proven to be clutch need to see more of.

      Looks like Joe Johnson all over again. Hopefully the Celtics don’t give up on Hayward to early like they did with Johnson. Don’t worry Ainge we don’t blame you, before your time.

      Enough for today let’s get after it again tomorrow. You got any suggestions for comparisons drop them in. Till next time Massholes.


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