Julio Jones is Rocking Ric Flair on His Cleats. Jerry Rice Stinks.

If we haven’t mentioned it before, Them Apples is a pro-Ric Flair blog. You want evidence? Fine. I was literally introduced as a groomsman at a wedding over the summer to the Ric Flair entrance music. You probably think I requested that. Wrong! The groom assumed that I wanted that intro music, and he was right.

Anyways, Ric Flair is the most savage human to walk the face of the planet. The Nature Boy had some health issues this summer and many thought he wouldn’t make it. Those people were wrong. He emerged from the hospital in this number.

Image result for ric flair leaving hospital

Pretty cool way to let people know you actually are not dead. 

Then I come across this tweet below. Julio Jones is already probably the most talented pass catcher in the NFL, but being a die-hard wrestling fan pretty much solidifies the top spot for him. He might even be the GOAT. Tell me how many times Jerry Rice wore Ric Flair cleats. The answer is never. He took himself out of that conversation.

May God be with the Buffalo Bills today. Atlanta by 1000.







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