Lights, camera, … Celtics.

As the steam whistle blows the train is ready to leave the station. All aboard the 2017 Celtics bandwagon. Keep smiling Red this team is gonna surprise the NBA.

That’s right folks, Celtics season is back and what better way to ring it in than media day in Canton Mass??? Either way we have the Men in Green back and ready prove some doubters wrong. But there are definitely some questions that we need answers to.

How will Kyrie take this 53 win team to a legitimate first place team? Many consider watching Irving leaves you star struck. Even to his NBA counterparts. Al Horford who had the privilege of watching Thomas last season amaze us with his 4th quarter theatrics. To now being amazed by Uncle Drew’s dribbling extravaganza but more so his play making. Something that was missing last year at the point. That playmaking will make the young players this team is stacked with able to transition easier to the NBA.

Chemistry. How will you get a dribbling machine, an old fundamental, and old hickory player to play together. Great question here for Coach Stevens. If anything has been made apparent is that Coach can make a lot out of a little. As evidenced with his team’s past couple of years. Now with more talent than the Celtics have had in a decade. These players can play. But how will they do when things get tough. Injuries will happen. Who will be the locker room leader? As Pitino would say, KG’s “not walking through that door”. But Kyrie says he is ready to be that guy. Boston is with you. We know you can do it.

As camp progresses we will have more questions. Stay tuned next week we will have a Power Rankings for the 2017 Celtics and who there counterpart in Celtics history. From that parquet floor in heaven Red send your wisdom and love for your Celtics to get that Banner 18.


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