A Drunken Golf Review: Heather Hill Country Club

First things first, this is not your average golf course review.

Like all of my other reviews; I go out, I get drunk, and then I tell you about how much fun I had. This review will obviously be no different.

To start, if you have ever been lucky enough to play a round of golf with you me then you know I am the worst golfer in the world. When I go golfing my objective basically just to drink outdoors and I am usually dressed up in one of two ways.


The looks I typically go for are either similar to that of John Daly or like I’m trying to keep the sun off my bald head by rocking the Greg Norman hat. However, no matter what I’m wearing it still doesn’t help improve my golf performance.

Heather Hill Country Club is basically a course where you get exactly what you pay for… and we did naht pay a lot to play here. In total it came to $36 per person with a cart for 18 holes. For you folks who are bad at math that breaks down to $2 a hole, which is almost unheard of.

The nice thing about Heather Hill is that the course is wide open, making it tough to lose your balls in the woods. Now that doesn’t mean that this isn’t impossible because I still managed to lose about ten of them but like I said earlier, I am a terrible golfer.

Like everything else in my life, the more I drink the better I get at that activity I’m drinking during. So safe to say that the first five holes were a STRUGGLE. But once I had a couple of brewskis in me things started to calm down. And just my luck the beer cart lady comes by selling fireball shots! So once I downed that it was game on.

We ended up playing 2 vs. 2 on the back nine playing best ball for the twosome and lowest score to win the hole. My team ended up losing by one hole in the end because, well… Please stop me if you’ve heard this before, but I am a terrible golfer.

Although we lost there was one noteworthy event of the day! I must have had just the perfect amount of swing lube (beers) that I had the best drive anyone has ever seen. I hit my 3 wood about 240 yards dead straight and almost drove the green. I could not believe my eyes! Everyone I was with looked like this:

Never in my life have I ever hit a ball that well and if we are being honest, it will never happen again. But anyone who golfs knows it’s not the 110 balls that you hit into the woods that you remember! It’s that one great shot that sticks in your mind.

So get out there and enjoy golf season before we have to suffer through winter!



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