The First Sunday Snooze Fest of NFL Football was…. Boring.

If you are anything like me then you have been waiting for what feels like forever for the NFL to return. Sitting on the couch for 10+ hours while drinking and watching football is the highlight of my weekend. It’s at the point where I do my best to avoid making any plans that could possibly get in the way of me watching football.

Well, I wish I could say Sunday’s first full day of football lived up to the hype, but sadly it didn’t. Now I’m not going to say that the NFL is deteriorating like Hacksaw has, but Sunday was not its best product.

First off, a lot of star players didn’t show up and secondly a lot of the games were just not fun to watch. For example, the Rams beat up Indy like a red headed step child in K-Mart with a final score of 46 – 9. The only upside to this was that their defense got me 29 points in Fantasy Football, which proves it’s better to be lucky than good.

Here is a look at the Colts offensive line on Sunday:

Even that good boy is doing a better job than the NFL did Sunday!

Surprisingly, even the big name teams let me down! I thought Seattle at Green Bay would have been an exciting matchup, but instead it was like watching two people play foosball for 2.5 hours… Fun at first but ultimately just boring.

In addition to that some of the divisional games fell flat. Cincinnati came out hot with the world’s worst QB performance while Pittsburgh only managed to beat the lonely Browns by a mere 3 points. Antonio Brown at least put up 18 Fantasy points for me. He was really one of the only stars that showed up this week.

Now I might be biased when I say this but the best game this weekend was Philadelphia at Washington. Philly hasn’t beaten Washington in over 2.5 years and finally snapped that streak Sunday. It was a great back and forth game that wasn’t decided until midway through the fourth quarter when Fletcher Cox recovered a questionable fumble, returning it for a touchdown. Although Wentz missed a couple of deep shots I still think this kid is the real deal and here to stay.

All aboard the #WentzWagon!

The SNF game was probably the most disappointing. The NY Giants ended up getting smoked by the Dallas Cowgirls in what was a snooze fest. The only reason to watch Dallas was offensive lineman, Doug Free, and since he is not playing this year you can save your time and skip all of the Cowgirls games this season. Also OBJ is killing me! If you are going to be Inactive, tell me at noon and not 5 minutes before kickoff. That was a fantasy nightmare.

With 17 weeks left I sure hope the games are better than what we saw Sunday. I mean I’m still going to watch every weekend because I’m a sucker but it would be nice if I was entertained by the product and not just the 10 beers I’ve had.



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