A Drinking Game Review: “Top Gun” Edition

Maverick: “Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.”

Air Boss Johnson: “Negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.”


Just like Maverick in the movie, I did not take “No” for an answer and attempted the “Top Gun” drinking game.

First off, let me tell you right away that this game is not for lightweights.

If you’re not familiar with the single greatest cinematic experience of all time, “Top Gun,” drop everything you are doing right now, come over, and we can watch it together. I’ve probably watched this move over 100 times and 89 of them alone were probably from my Birthday Weekend in DC back in 2015.

Let’s take a look at the rules!

Drink Every Time:

  • There is a high five
  • A gay vibe is given between male characters
  • Plane takes off
  • Maverick disobeys orders or breaks the rules
  • “Danger Zone” soundtrack plays
  • Maverick is wearing aviators
  • Someone sings
  • The words “Iceman,” “Maverick,” or “Goose” are said
  • Someone does a barrel roll
  • A sexual innuendo is said
  • Finish Your Drink:
  • A Goose flies into the plane’s windshield
  • “You can ride my tail any day!”


Instead the rules should just say, “Chug beers throughout the entire movie,” because that is basically what I had to do!

Drink anytime the words “Iceman,” “Maverick,” or “Goose” are said? Are you kidding me?! That is legit every 3 seconds of the movie.

Aside from that the whole movie is literally just Maverick wearing aviators, high fiving people, and listening to “Danger Zone,” so good luck keeping up with those drinking rules.

When the movie was only 15 minutes in and I was about 4 beers deep, I knew I was in trouble.

Because of that I had to swallow my pride and shorten the rules. I edit the rules and mainly drank during the following:

  • A plane takes off
  • “Danger Zone” is played
  • Maverick is wearing aviators
  • When someone says, “Maverick” or “Goose” (I had to take off “Iceman” in order to avoid alcohol poisoning.)

Essentially I was still chugging beers the whole time.

Here is a live look at me at the end of the movie:

I love this movie and drinking makes everything better but I would recommend not playing this game on a Thursday Night when you have to work the next morning.

I would rate this drinking game 5 out of 5 Apple Cider Beers, (See what I did there, I tied apples and beers together) because by the end of this movie you will be very drunk.

I will be doing more of these drinking game reviews so stay tuned! I am risking my liver for your entertainment because I love you all that much.


Check Out the Rules: http://www.reeldrinkinggames.com/top-gun.html


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