Baker Mayfield is a Savage. The NFL is a Dying League. Lamar Jackson is the Best Player in the Nation.

In a day full of marquee college football matchups, Oklahoma (5) at Ohio State (2) was being billed as the main event.  As it should have been. Both teams have national championship aspirations and are returning veteran quarterbacks with Ohio States’s JT Barrett and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield.

Oklahoma went on the road and dominated. Baker Mayfield had an outstanding game. He went 27-35 for 386 yards and 3 touchdowns. Oklahoma dominated the second half scoring touchdowns on 4 out of their 6 drives in the half. After the game was over, Mayfield pulled off this amazing display of savagery.

Twitter erupted after this. There were as many people on the internet commenting on Mayfield’s post-game disrespect of the Buckeyes, as there were people awarding him the Heisman trophy front runner.


Mayfield’s post-game celebration was legendary. Sure it was a little disrespectful, but God did I love it. It brings to mind the Terrell Owens celebration on the Cowboys star at midfield. Only last nights celebration was better because Baker had his team behind him. They lost to Ohio State last year 45-25 at home and they got their revenge in a big way.

You would never see something like this happen on a Sunday in the NFL these days. A Saturday like this reminds me what football is supposed to look like. Impactful story lines. Video-game-stats being put up by larger than life players. Guts and glory. Playing for your teammates. Even a little showmanship. The NFL is missing the human aspect of the game in a big way. For most of us, football is never more fun than it was in high school. Watching college football on Saturday reminds me why I ever fell in love with the game in the first place.

Side note… Shout out to my alma mater Bridgewater State University on ESPN’s College Football Final. Please excuse the baby in the background.

NFL is a dying league and will be #2 to the NBA by 2025. You heard it here first. It would probably happen sooner without the fantasy sports industry around to drive interest. This is shocking to most of you I know, but with increased concerns about the long-term health and safety of players, not every parent of a young athlete are going to let their son play football. I, for one, think about my 3-month-olds jump shot at least once an hour. Also, if I am an athlete with serious professional aspirations I am taking one look at the contracts people are earning the NBA and throwing away all my football equipment. I’m not saying I’m happy about this, it’s just the truth.

As far as the Heisman race goes, Baker Mayfield put himself in the running with Saturday night’s performance. However, to call him the clear-cut front runner is simply wrong. As I see it right now it’s a two-man race between Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. Baker Mayfield plays on a better team that will probably achieve more this season, but Lamar Jackson is the clear cut best player in college football. Take a look at what he did yesterday.

Now the season is young and Louisville has only played Purdue and North Carolina so far, but with Clemson (3) on the schedule next week Lamar Jackson will show the nation who the alpha male is. His stats will be there. Will the committee give it to the best player on the best team or the most dynamic player we have seen play football since Michael Vick? Jackson is my Heisman. Enjoy watching him while you can. The NFL will put his talents in a box and ruin him.



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