Well, That Sucked

If I had told you yesterday morning that the final score of the Patriots/Chiefs game would be 42-27 and the winning Quarterback would be 28/35 with 368 yards and 4 TD’s, you’d be cool with that right?

Me too. There’s no way that Alex Smith, yes  THE Alex Smith could put up those kind of numbers, especially against the Patriots. Our Defense is solid, and we do not lose at home.  Sure, Kansas City is a good team, but we have no reason to worry. Right? Boy, was I wrong.

The biggest problem with last night, I think, is that collectively we all blew our load in the pre-game.  The Patriots are included in that.  The fans were caught up in #OperationClownFace and expelled most of their energy boo-ing Goodell and cheering the banner ceremony.  I think the team got caught up in all the hoop-la and got complacent.  The only saving grace in all of this is that Bill Belichick is our Head Coach and this shit will not happen two weeks in a row.  With 10 days to prepare for the Saints, you can bet your ass that this team will come out prepared and ready to go.

I do have some concerns with this defense, though.  This was Kareem Hunt’s first NFL game and he looked like a goddamn superstar.  I think they did a decent job of containing Kelce, but Hunt and Tyreek Hill went BANANAS on these guys.  The Hightower injury doesn’t look serious so we dodged a bullet there, but the linebackers seemed overmatched in coverage against those dynamic threats out of the backfield.  I have faith in the rocket scientist Matty P to get it together, but we can ill afford any more injuries.

The offense shot out of the gate and looked fucking unstoppable.  I said to myself that the only thing that could stop us is us, and that’s exactly what happened.  I don’t know why the play calling changed so drastically, but it was atrocious. I don’t know why we decided to make Brady a down field thrower in the first game of his age 40 season when quick short passes have been the staple of the Patriot offense for a decade now. 

I’m going to chock this game up to poor mental preparation in what looks like a different and inexperienced team in comparison to last year. I think the loss of Edelman and Blount showed with the lack of intensity from these guys. It’s up to the coaching staff to straighten it out now.

To all the fake Patriots fans overreacting this morning, I have four words for you: CHILL. THE. FUCK. OUT. 

The last three season openers we lost were 2001, 2003 and 2014. What happened those years? We won the fucking Super Bowl. We still have Tom Fucking Brady and Bill Fucking Belichick. As long as we have them, we’ll be fine. Everyone chill the fuck out.  Fuck. 

-Will The Thrill-



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