2017 Countryfest (Drunken) Review

We did it, folks!

We made it through the Summer of ’17!

Once Countryfest is over I’m in full Fall mode. I’m like Jack Skellington rising up out of the water fountain in full Halloween garb.

Bring on the pumpkin beers!

If you were lucky enough to have tickets to one of the two shows over the weekend then this blog is for you. One of my earlier blog posts was preview that explained how excited I was for the show this year. And let me tell you it did not disappoint!

This year it was about 20 degrees cooler than last year and that made all of the difference because last year, Hacksaw and I almost died from over sweating…it was quite a sight to see.

First off, the best part about going to Countryfest year after year is obviously the bus ride and tailgate. There is no better feeling than crushing four Bud Lights on a bus that’s on its way to Gillette Stadium.

The show was amazing as it always is. Hacksaw and I “attempted” to get into the show for 5pm to see Midland open. In all honesty, we just wanted to hear the song “Drinkin’ Problem” but as you probably already guessed, we did not make it. However, we did hear it as we walked up the ramps to our seats which were not even remotely close to the stage. Then came Old Dominion and by no surprise they killed it too.

Now here’s where it starts to get a little fuzzy. By this time I had been drinking since about 11am and had only quickened my pace once we got to the lots. Every year during Countryfest I always get a Bud Light Staw-ber-Rita once we get inside. I don’t know why I do it but it’s a tradition that I started up a few years ago and I haven’t stopped since.

Well this year I think I drank three in about an hour and a half and let’s just say I was feeling pretty good. But I do remember Old Dominion playing; “Snap Back,” “Song for Another Time,” and “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart.”

Up next was Thomas Rhett and he did not disappoint. He covered the all-time greatest country song “Friends in Low Places” and the stadium went wild. That’s a song, regardless if you like Country music or not, you know the words and end up singing along. During his set I was most excited about his new song “Craving You” and it was one of the last songs he played, rightfully so because that song fahhks and gets the crowd amped for Kenny to come on.

Last but not least, it’s the showstopper, Kenny Chesney.

Every year he pours his heart and soul out on the stage and it shows with his performance. He always opens with “Beer in Mexico,” which in my opinion is his best song. After that it was just hit after hit and before you knew it he was already closing with “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.”

What is really cool about Kenny this year is that he used these two concerts to film a concert DVD. I can’t wait to see the final product because the stadium was packed and he absolutely crushed both shows.

Each year when the tickets go on sale, I always say that I’m not going to go. Then before I know it I end up buying tickets and I never regret it. It’s a tradition like no other and I hope to continue it for many years!

Now let’s get ready for Football Season!



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