The Nightmare appears to be Almost Over!

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics have engaged in talks with Cleveland on seeking a resolution to the Kyrie Irving trade to Boston, according to ESPN.

The two teams discussed the already agreed-upon trade on Tuesday according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnowarski, with the Cavs apparently willing to accept a late first-round or second-round picks. 


It’s about damn time! It finally feels like this trade is going to go through. It seems like we will see Uncle Drew in a Celtics uniform after all.

The deal was originally made last week. Then the Cavs started dragging their feet claiming Isaiah’s hip was a bigger problem than expected. I think that was just the Cavs trying to lower I.T.’s value so they don’t have back up the Brinks truck for him after this season. The Cavs are literally the worst. They are like the Night King from Game of Thrones but not as cool looking and they don’t have any awesome undead dragons.

At first the Cavs asked for either Jaylen Brown or Jason Tatum and I’m sure Danny Ainge’s reaction was something like this…

Now it seems they will accept another late first round or early second round pick.

This has been a whirlwind of a offseason for the C’s. I’m hoping we can finally be done with this once and for all! I for one, am ready for basketball to be back.





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