Parents Everywhere Have a New Way to Convince Your Kids Not To Get a Tattoo.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Authorities in New Hampshire are seeking the public’s help in finding a heavily tattooed escaped inmate, with designs covering his shaved head, face, neck, chest, arm and hands.

The U.S. Marshal’s New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force says 42-year-old Eric Judkins was an inmate at a halfway house in Manchester. He failed to return to the facility on Monday night.

Judkins was serving part of a 27-month sentence on an assault on a fellow inmate in federal prison.

Authorities say the assault happened while Judkins was serving a 17 1/2-year sentence for a 1999 bank robbery.

Absolutely zero chance this guy isn’t caught within 4 hours of this news breaking. He wouldn’t blend in at the circus. 

The real story for me is there is a lesson to be learned out of all of this. Up until now people had to try and convince their loved ones the old fashioned way to not cover themselves head-to-toe in tattoos. You know, the classic: “You’ll never get a job!” or “How will it look when you’re 80.” Today, that goes out the window because let’s face it if you’re completely covering yourself with ink your not planning on getting a job or living to 80.

Now we have real ammo. You can say “Don’t cover yourself in tattoos, because when you escape from your halfway house as fugitive from the law you will have no chance of hiding from the police!” That folks, is how you get buy-in. Know your audience.



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