Grit and Balls

No one has ever questioned Julian Edelman’s toughness.

When Jules went down with a non-contact injury in last Friday’s Regular Season dress rehearsal, we all feared the worst and our fears were confirmed when an MRI on Saturday revealed a torn ACL.

We have yet to hear from Jules since the injury, but this morning he finally broke his silence in a post on his various social media platforms:

Reports say that Jules will travel with the team this year and will be on the sidelines. While he won’t be able to contribute on the field, his leadership will still be valuable.

I think back to last year’s Super Bowl, and watching the mic’d up version on NFL Network, and even when we were down 28-3 Jules was pumping up the whole team by yelling “this is gonna be one hell of a story when we come back”.

We make jokes that Edelman wants to live inside Brady’s skin, and that may be true, but you can’t discount the impact he has on this team just like Brady does. Having him around even in a reduced capacity will still pay dividends for a team with sky high expectations this year.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Jules. Can’t wait to see you back on the field.

-Will The Thrill-


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