Mock Draft Monday: 10 Team PPR

Forget Christmas. This the most wonderful time of the year.

The nights are getting cooler and fall is in the air.  Thirsty white girls are coming down from their Countryfest high and are running to Starbucks in search of their Pumpkin Spice Latte’s.  For us manly men, this time of the year signals two important things: Fantasy Football and Fall Beers.  Keep an eye out next week for a Fall Beer article that’ll knock your socks off.

I’ve been doing fantasy football for over ten years now, and not to humble brag but I’ve won my fair share of League Championships.  I went 5 for 7 last year so you can trust my sage advice in this subject area.

I did a 10 Team PPR Mock Draft this weekend, and I’ll give some insight as to who I’d be targeting this year in fantasy and give some drafting advice along the way.

First things first, the draft strategy that I have always used and will continue to use is called Value Based Drafting (VBD).  VBD has been around for quite some time, and its basic principles are that you draft best available player, regardless of position.  Fantasy drafts can be wild and unpredictable, so VBD is the best counter for that.  Instead of honing in on one or two players that you want to draft, you just let the board come to you.  Oh, there’s a run on running backs and I’m picking in the middle of the round? I’ll take best available Wide Receiver please and thank you.  VBD will allow you to get some steals and keep calm when the board can get crazy and hectic.

There’s another draft strategy that is a little more controversial, and I’ve heard a lot of debate in the fantasy community on its merits.  Zero-RB Theory has gotten popular in recent years, and it basically means that you stock up on all other positions early, then draft a bunch of mid-round flier running backs and hope that one or two will hit.  This strategy works better in PPR leagues than standard leagues.

As you’ll be able to tell with this mock draft, I used both of those draft strategies and was happy with the team that I got.  I was assigned the 10th Overall Pick so I’ll be drafting back to back.  Let’s get into it.

1. Team 1 David Johnson
RB, Arizona Cardinals
2. Team 2 Le’Veon Bell
RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Team 3 Antonio Brown
WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Team 4 Aaron Rodgers
QB, Green Bay Packers
5. Team 5 Julio Jones
WR, Atlanta Falcons
6. Team 6 LeSean McCoy
RB, Buffalo Bills
7. Team 7 Odell Beckham Jr.
WR, New York Giants
8. Team 8 Devonta Freeman
RB, Atlanta Falcons
9. Team 9 Jordy Nelson
WR, Green Bay Packers
10. Thrilly Page Views Mike Evans
WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11. Thrilly Page Views A.J. Green
WR, Cincinnati Bengals
12. Team 9 Michael Thomas
WR, New Orleans Saints
13. Team 8 Jordan Howard
RB, Chicago Bears
14. Team 7 Melvin Gordon
RB, Los Angeles Chargers
15. Team 6 DeMarco Murray
RB, Tennessee Titans
16. Team 5 Jay Ajayi
RB, Miami Dolphins
17. Team 4 Doug Baldwin
WR, Seattle Seahawks
18. Team 3 Todd Gurley
RB, Los Angeles Rams
19. Team 2 Brandin Cooks
WR, New England Patriots
20. Team 1 Rob Gronkowski
TE, New England Patriots

Coming out of the first two rounds with two stud Wide Receivers is as good of a start as you can have.  Mike Evans put up great numbers last season and should be even better this year with DeSean Jackson to loosen the double coverage’s a bit.  A.J. Green is a perennial all-star and stud Fantasy Receiver.  Pair these two together and we have the start of a formidable PPR team.

21. Team 1 Ezekiel Elliott
RB, Dallas Cowboys
22. Team 2 T.Y. Hilton
WR, Indianapolis Colts
23. Team 3 Demaryius Thomas
WR, Denver Broncos
24. Team 4 Dez Bryant
WR, Dallas Cowboys
25. Team 5 Amari Cooper
WR, Oakland Raiders
26. Team 6 Terrelle Pryor Sr.
WR, Washington Redskins
27. Team 7 Kelvin Benjamin
WR, Carolina Panthers
28. Team 8 Leonard Fournette
RB, Jacksonville Jaguars
29. Team 9 Lamar Miller
RB, Houston Texans
30. Thrilly Page Views Keenan Allen
WR, Los Angeles Chargers
31. Thrilly Page Views Christian McCaffrey
RB, Carolina Panthers
32. Team 9 Alshon Jeffery
WR, Philadelphia Eagles
33. Team 8 DeAndre Hopkins
WR, Houston Texans
34. Team 7 Marshawn Lynch
RB, Oakland Raiders
35. Team 6 Michael Crabtree
WR, Oakland Raiders
36. Team 5 Isaiah Crowell
RB, Cleveland Browns
37. Team 4 Golden Tate
WR, Detroit Lions
38. Team 3 Ty Montgomery
RB, Green Bay Packers
39. Team 2 Larry Fitzgerald
WR, Arizona Cardinals
40. Team 1 Davante Adams
WR, Green Bay Packers

To add to Evans and Green, your boy Thrilly Page views drafts Keenan Allen in the third round.  That’s three stud Receivers for those counting at home. Sure, Keenan Allen is an injury risk but there’s no denying his value, especially in PPR.  He topped 100 targets and 70 catches in each of his first two seasons, and was on pace for 120 targets in each of his last two seasons before getting hurt.  As long as he stays healthy, he’ll produce great fantasy numbers as our WR3.

The first pick in the fourth round is where the Zero-RB Theory comes in to play.  Relying on a rookie as your RB1 is a risky move, but McCaffrey has all the tools that you’d want in a stud PPR Back.  It wouldn’t shock me to see him lead the league in receptions by a Running Back this year. I think he’ll put up good enough numbers to justify his draft position and spot as a RB1 in PPR.

Editors Note:  I’ll just skip to my picks for the rest of the draft to cut down on the length of this article.  

Round 5

               50.  Kareem Hunt

Round 6

               51. Drew Brees

I love the value of Kareem Hunt in the 5th Round.  With Spencer Ware out for the year, and Hunt essentially locked in to a three down role, he should return great value at this spot.  Don’t be surprised if he finishes the year as a top 10 RB.  With Brees, it’s hard to say no to a top 3 QB in the 6th round.  He’ll help anchor what is already a stout squad.

Round 7

               70. Paul Perkins

Round 8

               71. Delaine Walker

Again, the Zero-RB Theory at work. Like Hunt, Perkins appears to be locked in to a three down role.  Shane Vereen could eat in to some of those touches, but he hasn’t exactly been the model of great health since signing in New York.  As our RB3, he fits nicely in to our Zero RB strategy as a mid-round dart throw.

Delaine Walker is the most underrated TE in fantasy.  He’s produced 159 catches on 235 targets the past two years.  Those are mind boggling numbers at the TE position. He’s a great value at the 71st pick.

Round 9

               90. Tevin Coleman

Round 10

               91. Zay Jones

Doubling down on Zero-RB with another dart throw pick in Tevin Coleman.  He’s proved to be adept in the passing game and were Devonta Freeman to miss time, he’d be a top 10 RB.

Zay Jones in the 10th round may seem like a stretch, but as our WR4 I think he’s a nice value here.  Jones put up an ungodly 158 catches in his senior season, and only has the oft-injured and inept Jordan Matthews ahead of him on the depth chart.

Round 11

               110. Randall Cobb

Round 12

               111. Chris Thompson

When you’re in the 11th round, you’re searching for potential home-run targets.  Randall Cobb fits the bill.  We’ve seen what he can do in Green Bay, and even though he’s struggled to stay healthy and has had two down seasons, there’s no denying that if he can stay healthy and start making plays again, he’s a steal in the 11th round.

Chris Thompson is the quintessential bye week fill in RB in PPR.  He isn’t a starter by any means, but is a great fill in when you need a RB in a pinch.  He’ll get you around 10 points and that is enough to mask a weakness when a starter is on bye.


Round 13

               130. Jack Doyle

Round 14

               131. Cooper Kupp

Jack Doyle will serve as a nice back up TE and bye week starter behind Delaine Walker.  Dwayne Allen getting traded to the Pats solidifies his value as the unquestioned starter in Indy.

Cooper Kupp is a name you may have heard of if you’re a football junkie like myself.  The third round rookie has been lighting up camp for the Rams and already has shown chemistry with Jared Goff.  Now that Jeff Fisher is gone, new Head Coach Sean McVay has installed an actual NFL style offense that will resemble the one he coordinated in Washington.  Expect Kupp to play the Jamison Crowder role in the Rams offense and have his share of targets.

Round 15

              150.  Bills D/ST

Round 16

              151.  Mason Crosby

The #1 rule in Fantasy is to wait until the last two rounds to select your kicker and defense.  Do anything other than that, and you’re an idiot.  Personally, I like to start a different defense every week and just play the match ups.  Since the Bills play the Jets week one, they’re my pick.  Kicker is a toss up so just pick whoever the hell you want.  I won’t analyse a kicker selection.


That wraps up the mock draft! My final team looked like this:

QB   Drew Brees

RB   Christian McCaffrey

RB   Kareem Hunt

WR  Mike Evans

WR  A.J. Green

TE   Delaine Walker

FLEX  Keenan Allen

D/ST  Bills

K   Mason Crosby

BN  Paul Perkins

BN  Tevin Coleman

BN  Zay Jones

BN  Randall Cobb

BN  Chris Thompson

BN  Jack Doyle

BN  Cooper Kupp


Good luck drafting Apple Nation! 

-Will The Thrill-






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