Survivor’s Guide to Country Fest 2017

First things first. If you think your ready for it your not. There is never enough preparation. This day should be considered a sport. At the very least an Olympic event. Like one of those really low ones like curling or speed walking. But none the less I’m gonna go over some do’s and dont’s.

Number 1. Drink selection. Don’t be a hard-o a be one of those hipsters and drink craft beer all day. You will be vomiting in the urinal next to me and will have a problem.

Number 2. Sunscreen and hydration. I don’t care if you are Italian or Idris Elba out there. Take care of your skin throw some screen on will ya. Hydration is probably the least paid attention to. For every beer or some sugary alcohol concoction drink some water. The next day you will pay dearly.

Number 3. Sunglasses not just for “blocking out the haters” but for that fucking sun. It is brutal out there. Also lets you enjoy the sights wink wink. Reflective lenses don’t forget them.

Number 4. Know the set list. Knowing who is performing next can you plan beer and bathroom breaks. Don’t be that asshole getting up from your middle section seat and having everyone around you move a thousand times. (You know who you are in section 330)

Number 5. Rest. Just like any sport you have to get plenty of rest. Make sure you are not up all night the night before the show. You will regret it. 10 hours night before minimum. Otherwise you’ll be the guy at the back of the bus passed out who didn’t make it Kenny for the second time.

Maybe next year when Kenny comes to rip it down again and waiting to unveil banner #6 you’ll be alive. Let’s go #noshoes #patriots

-Sili The Kid


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