#TBT: Top 5 Rap City Tha Basement Freestyles

Growing up, your boy Hacksaw was a bit of a hip-hop-head. Although in recent years my taste in music has become much broader, I can say my first love was hip-hop. Even though I have probably never watched a full episode, Rap City Tha Basement was the shit. It was basically BET’s after school show. Their version of TRL and Big Tigger was Carson Daly.

Rap CIty

From what I hear, in the first part of the show, there would be music videos played and interviews were given, but the reason everyone tuned in was for Tha Basement. This is where emcees would go to earn their stripes. It was basically an ill-lit studio with a mic in the middle and DJ off to the right. Big Tigger would always lead-off with a couple of his own bars, and he would always suck. He simply wasn’t good. I’m sure he was a great host otherwise, but the man had no flow.

Once Big Tig was done embarrassing himself, he would hand the mic to his guest artist and it was showtime. Even though these were rarely actual “freestyles,” the rapper would be sure to bring his or her (mostly his) A-game to the basement. Anyways, I can’t say how many hours I have spent in my life watching these videos one after another. Let’s check out my top 5.

5. Jadakiss on Heard it All Before beat… Best Line: “When I’m gone I just want you to remember the God/ For nicks the size of PlayStation memory cards.”

4. Lloyd Banks on Hood Hop beat… Best Line: ” Yo it’s the mixtape champion on Rap the City/ Now I’m on TV more than Janet Jackson titty.”

3. Kanye West on Stand Up beat… Best line: “Trips to Maui outta town I was outie/ Rock so much Polo they’re startin to call me Ralphy.”

2. Fabolous on Breathe, Stretch, Shake beat… Best Line: “Don’t get much slicker than Fab/ Strap up with Eagles and throw bullets just as quick as McNabb.”

1. Eminem, who appeared 5 times. Best Line: All of them… but here is some crazy stuff for you. “You wanna mess with a muthaf*@ka who skydives/ Out of a plane to give the Statue of Liberty high fives?/ Doing drive-bys and miss you with 5 tries.”

Let me know in the comments, Facebook, or Twitter if I missed one.



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