#TBT – Them Apples Boston Does Wrasslin’

2011 was a much simpler time.

We didn’t have to worry about getting attacked by Nazi’s.  The biggest celebrity meltdown was Charlie Sheen, and not our President.  The one thing people complained about the most was that Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  Truly, it was a much simpler time.

Back then, your boys didn’t have wives and girlfriends to tie them down.  We were still in college (most of us) and had the ability to get together on a Thursday night to kill a 30 rack and break in to an impromptu wrestling match in my tiny ass apartment.  These became known as the “In Your House” matches.

I can only speak for myself, but wrestling has been ingrained in my DNA from birth.  My earliest memories are watching Wrestlemania at home with my family.  I fondly remember renting all the VHS tapes of previous Wrestlemania’s and Royal Rumbles and watching them throughout my childhood.  I used to have backyard wrestling matches with my middle school friends, and growing up in the Attitude Era, I still have the scars to prove it.

So, it was a natural transition when we turned 21 and had easy access to alcohol that booze fueled wrestling matches were the norm.  I vividly remember Maverick breaking one of my ribs in Sili Kid’s apartment a few years back.

Thankfully for Apple Nation, someone was able to record one of those nights and your boy Thrilly dug up the video from 6 years ago.

Let the record show that had the video not cut out at the end, myself and Maverick would’ve stole the show and put on a match for the ages.


-Will The Thrill-

P.S. – Sili Kid really needs to work on his tombstone. That was pathetic, bro.


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