Kyrie Irving a Celtic? Guess the Earth is Flat.

So pigs still cannot fly. That is true because if they could getting my bacon would be so much more difficult and costly to get. But somehow the earth is still flat. At least according to former #1 pick Kyrie Irving. Well Kyrie you are in luck. You  have been shipped to the knowledge capital of the world, Boston. I’m sure the rest of Celtics nation is with me when I say I have a pants tent right now big enough to cover the TD Garden .
This is a deal that had to be made. Dan Gilbert, you did your homework you know your star isn’t playing well with the other kids in the sandbox you ship the other kid within your conference and for what could be pennies on the dollar. That’s what any sane person would do. Right? In return you get a pick which won’t be as good as you think (Brooklyn help us out here). A guy from Croatia with too many z’s in his name and Crowder. Actually, I can’t say anything bad about Crowder. Love that guy. And “Mr 4th Quarter, Isaiah Thomas. IT just be careful what you say don’t wanna upset the baby.

Saddest moment of this will be watching Isaiah Thomas wear those horrible jerseys. I hate those colors just about as much as I hate a Boston drunk sitting on the green line at Kenmore pissing himself asking you for some of your chicken nuggets.

IT I send my sincerest to you and all that you did in your time here but the Brinks truck had another stop, primarily in Utah. Yes, Hayward got the max. But were you really about to get paid when the hip is in question. Maybe that Brinks did back up. Right into that hip and drove it on over to Gordon. All joking aside one thing is evident, Thomas brought true grit to Boston something it has been lacking for some time. Time and time again you see IT and to his credit Crowder mix it up here and there.

Adding Irving to this core of Hayward and Horford and all this young talent will really put them on another level this season. Tatum and Brown look to be ready to contribute in a major way out of the gate. Smart and Rozier bring another type of guard play that can match with anyone else in the East. And the bench looks solid. This a team Danny Ainge can be proud of. #1 seed last year was nothing compared to what they can and will do in the ’17-’18 season. Welcome to Boston Kyrie. It’s gonna be wicked pissah season!

-Sili the Kid

And if somehow Kyrie you can help get Banner #18 into TD garden you can say the earth is flat, Americans invented Chinese food, and that Lebron James is the greatest player of all time. Clearly all those things are false . But one thing is true, Kyrie is a Celtic and Trader Danny “ya done good kid”.


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