Celebrating the Greatest Athlete of All Time

The greatest athlete of all time celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

No, I’m not talking about Tom Brady or Michael Jordan. Those are the GOATs of their respective sports. I’m talking about the greatest athlete in multiple sports.

Pablo Sanchez.

Pablo made his debut in Backyard Baseball back in 1997. He is by far the best player in that game with the ability to throw a no-hitter and hit for the cycle every game. In 1998 he then took his talents over to Soccer and then ventured into Hockey in 2002.

And guess what?

He was a STUD in those games as well!

Now I have no idea what year Pablo was actually born in but he’s just like those kids who make it to the Little League World Series claiming they’re only 13-years-old but then are capable of doing this.

Don’t even try to tell me that this kid is 13-years-old. He just hit a home run that might have been 400 feet. He’s some kind of mini Ryan Howard clone before he sold his soul to Subway and became terrible. (Just a friendly piece of advice, you might want to stay away from being a spokesperson for Subway the last few haven’t exactly been “role models.”)

There’s one thing we can all agree upon and that is that Pablo is a Legend.

I mean for Christ’s sake his nickname is the “Secret Weapon.” Ever notice how he doesn’t speak any English either? This kid just shows up, hits some dingers, and somehow everyone seems to understand him.

Also, I love how he wears his hat backwards because only cool guys do that, it’s a rule.

pablo 2

In celebration of Pablo’s possible 23rd Birthday, this makes me want to grab a copy of Backyard Baseball and fire it up!  Again, we have no idea when he was actually born but he did have a beer belly back in ‘97.

P.S. – Vinnie “The Gooch” is the coolest color commentator of all time. Growing up we all wanted to be as cool as Vinnie. I’m pretty sure he is connected to the mob now but can’t confirm. But if that ring on his pinky finger is any indication, he’s probably Tony Soprano by now.



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