73 Is The Record Giancarlo!

Reported by Bleacher Report, Giancarlo Stanton does not recognize Barry Bonds’ record of 73 home runs as the mark to beat. He also doesn’t recognize 5 other seasons of 63+ by McGwire and Sosa as something he is chasing this season. In his mind, Giancarlo is chasing Roger Maris and Roger Maris alone. Stanton believes 61 is the record.

The problem with this line of thinking… it’s simply not true. Say what you want about steroids. They are awful. There is no place for them in baseball. I won’t argue with you, but tell me Barry Bonds wasn’t the most feared hitter of all-time and I’ll argue with you all night.


If you pitched to Bonds he was going to get best of you. If you didn’t throw strikes he was going to take the walk. He belongs in the hall of fame and that’s the end of it.

Bonds is the single season home run leader, career home run leader, career walks leader, and career intentional walks leader. He won 4 goddamn MVPs in a row from 2001-2004, and 3 MVPs before that. He’s the GOAT.

Baseball’s past is far from perfect. Babe Ruth was playing in a league that didn’t allow minorities and the guy pitching to him probably had a day job. Did people bitch and whine about this as Hank Aaron was passing him? Doubt it. If we want to start adding asterisks in the record books you would have to start at the beginning, and that is simply not going to happen. Nor should it.

Bottom line Giancarlo, even if you happen to hit 62 home runs this year. You won’t have the record. Stop disrespecting legends to write your own narrative in baseball history. I think Jack Nicholson said it best….

Just keep hitting ding dongs to the moon and you’ll get there someday kid.



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