There Are Only Two Types of Beer

Good afternoon Apple Eaters,

I apologize for the lack of blogs on my end. I’m in North Carolina on vacation and have been drunk roughly 69% of the time.

But I missed y’all (that’s what everyone keeps saying down here) and wanted to post a quick blog. Also I’m crushing a Jack and Coke and it’s HEAVY on the Jack. So, I apologize in advance for the extra grammatical errors.

The first night we were down here we have a very spirited conversation about beer and I had an epiphany. There are only two types of beer.

1) Beer you can chug/crush

2) Beer you drink for taste.

Now hear me out.

When you got a party and are trying to crush 17 beers Stone Cold style. Are you going to waste the good IPAs on that? No. You are going to grab two Bud Lights and grip’em then rip’em. I would argue that 90% of beer in this category is light beer. Bud Light, Miller Lite (gross), Coors Light, Busch Light, and the most delicious of them all, Michelob Ultra. These are the beers you don’t drink for taste but drink to have as many as possible in a short time span. The beers you fill kegs with to do keg stands and pretend you are not on the edge of 30. Beers you bring to the beach to ‘hydrate’. One time I was at my friend Will ‘The Trill’s house and told him ‘I’m hammered please hand me a Bud Light so I can sober up’. If you ever see Will ask him about it, he can confirm. He shouldn’t be hard to find he has a newfound love for Hawaiian shirts. (Don’t knock it till you try it)

Now when you want to enjoy beer and maybe decide to have one with dinner you probably aren’t reaching for a Bud Light. Probably an IPA, or craft beer. Now I’m going to be honest I don’t have too much knowledge in these fancy beers because well if you know me you know I enjoy drinking fast and furiously (RIP Paul Walker). But every now and then I enjoy a nice IPA with my meal. I also enjoy a nice Guinness, but not in this oppressive NC heat.

There’s a ton of beers out there to enjoy but in the end of the day they all break down into two categories.

Drink up!


PS – Keep an eye out for my NC Mini Golf review blog. It’s a hole-in-one!


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