Leonard Fournette Thinks The NFL Is “Easy” And “Slow” After Preseason Game Against The Pats

Bleacher Report story here.

I have a couple things to say here:
1. First and foremost it is the preseason. Don’t talk all this shit about “I played in the SEC so the NFL feels slow.” You have played in one PRESEASON game. This makes you look like an asshole.

2. It probably does feel slow. Nobody cares about the 4-yard rushes anymore. He probably would’ve been the 1st overall pick 15 years ago. Today he’s the most boring part of the game. In today’s NFL linebackers aren’t there to plug the B gap to stop a halfback dive. They are there to cover the tight end. Don’t be surprised that the Pats are getting looks at their pass defense in their first preseason game instead of game planning to stop a rookie running back on a team that won’t sniff the playoffs. As a side note, I can’t believe Cyrus Jones hasn’t been cut.


3. I absolutely love it. Do you Leonard. While you’re at it, start cutting promos on game days. Give yourself a cool nickname. You can never have enough confidence and Fournette clearly has a ton of it. I hope he rushes for 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. Quite frankly though, it won’t matter Jacksonville will miss the playoffs and go 6-10.

PS… just checked again and Cyrus Jones is still on the team. WTF.



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