A Few Legends Showed up on the NYC Subway and had a Royal Rumble

I know that Hacksaw usually takes care of the WWE content on this page, but I’m a pretty big WWE fan myself. I may or may not have a WWE Intercontinental Belt on display in my apartment. I also wore a Hulkamania shirt to work today and have numerous WWE action figures sitting on my desk…clearly my coworkers must love me. 

But Wow!

This video is even better than the content that the WWE puts on TV every Monday and Tuesday. The NYC subway must be an absolute delight to ride every day after witnessing a nearly flawless performance like that from start to finish.

But for a bunch of guys rasslin’ on a train this was pretty entertaining. Collectively, they all sold their moves pretty well and even some of their impressions were spot on. Their costumes could have used a bit more effort but nonetheless you knew who they were impersonating the entire time.

Having the super fat guy play the Big Show was a very nice touch and Stone Cold giving everyone stunners made me chuckle, although he just needed someone to toss him some “Stevewisers.”

Kane, however, was probably the best part of this entire performance.  First off, he literally choke slammed the referee straight to hell. Clearly the referee knows how to take a bump, otherwise he might still be lying on that train. Then Kane gave Booker-T the tombstone. Kudos to his buddy for trusting him not to break his neck.  That there is the kind of #friendshipgoals I’m looking for.  And just for the record, if that guy doesn’t wear his Kane costume for Halloween every year, then he’s not doing it right.  At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about booking Kane to win it all, but after re-watching the video and realizing that Kane was the best part, I’m all in on the Big Red Machine.

In addition to Kane’s performance, it’s also worth mentioning that the individual commentating throughout this entire spectacle needs to be hired ASAP by the WWE. His commentary skills were on the same level as Good Ol’ JR.

Honestly though, my favorite part of this entire video would have to be the people who were riding the subway somehow managed to sit casually and pretend that nothing was going on around them.  This must have been an absolute extravaganza to see live. Even the people boarding the train must have enjoyed witnessing some bros dressed as wrestlers getting tossed off the train.

If these guys keep this up, I’ll start watch them instead of Monday Night Raw every week.




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