Congrats to Chris Sale for Winning the 2017 Cy Young Award!

That’s right, you heard it here first! I’m predicting that Chris Sale will win this year’s Cy Young Award. 

Ever since he put on his Sox jersey, Chris Sale has been an absolute STUD and has proven his worth with 14 wins under his belt after last night’s game. Sale’s performance this season is paralleled to Pedro Martinez’s performance when he was pitching in Boston.

With 229 strikeouts to 29 walks, Sale’s strikeout to walk ratio is 7.9 so far this season. His current ratio is a full point higher than his best completed season in 2015 when he struck out 274 batters. Not only is this ratio a personal best for Sale, but he currently holds the highest ratio in baseball right now. Averaging almost 13 strikeouts per 9 innings, he is leading the league in strikeouts with 19 more than Max Scherzer who is shadowing him with only 210.

In addition to those achievements, he is ranked second in the league with 14 wins, merely one game behind the league leader, Clayton Kershaw. However, there were a slew of games throughout the beginning of the season where Sale didn’t receive any run support. Having at least 3 games where he should have won, Sale would be at 17 wins right now had the Sox scored to support him.

Because his performance has become a pure spectacle, it has come to a point where you have to circle the days on the calendar to know when Sale while be pitching next. It has become must watch TV.

Oh, and the Sox just won their 7th in a row and have a 4 game lead over the Evil Empire.


P.S. – David Price is still SAWFT



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