Vince Wilfork Retired Today After 13 NFL Seasons… A Look Back at a Legend.

Vince Wilfork announced his retirement today after 13 seasons in the NFL. Vince is the last of a dying breed. He was booked at 6’2″ 325 lb, but to be honest I think the last time he saw 325 lbs was in 8th grade. That is meant as a compliment. It takes a special kind of athlete to be that big and move the way Vince did. I’m sure doctors told him to lose weight his whole life. Who’s laughing now? Anyways… his retirement video was epic. Take a look.

Can’t wait for that tailgate.

Vince was a player you had to game plan around. I am sure a handful of New England linebackers would agree that they owe a lot of their production to Wilfork. While Vince was occupying 2 and sometimes 3 blockers, others on the team would make the plays around him. His value was something that stat sheet could not do justice.


That’s not to say Vince was not a decorated athlete. He is a 2-time Super Bowl champion, 5-time pro-bowler, an All-Pro in 2012, and a BCS national champion (NCAA) in 2001 at The U.

For a guy who started every play with his hand in the ground… Vince had an uncanny nose for the ball. He recovered 12 fumbles in his career, and his most impressive stat in my opinion is his 3 interceptions. One especially stands out in my memory.

Unbelievable play. You don’t expect to see a nose tackle make that type of play. Unfortunately it’s difficult for a lot of casual fans to see just how great of a play it was. Some people just laugh at seeing a big load of a man running down the field. They even point his weight out on the broadcast. Couldn’t it have just been a good play? Vince would address this type of discrimination in his ESPN the Magazine Body Issue shoot in 2016.

Again… no way he is 325 lbs. I love you Vince, but as a fellow fat guy who is 6’2″ himself and has been within shouting distance of 300 lbs… you have to come clean. He’s at least 350.

Anyways… he’s not just one of the all-time great football players who are sometimes glorified as heroes. He is an actual hero. What does Vince do after absolutely destroying the Colts in the 2015 AFC Championship game?  Answer: He saves a woman in an over-turned goddamn Jeep on the side of the highway… That’s what he does.

In short, the guy was a stud. One of the all-time great players and people. A real class act. New England loves you Vince. See you at the tailgate brother!

P.S… Sorry the NFL is run by a communist commissioner who won’t let me put videos of his sport on my blog. Guess he doesn’t like free advertising. Fire Goodell.



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