WWE RAW Recap for 7/31 Show

Welcome to the first ever Them Apples Sports WWE recap. I am a WWE junkie who rarely watches either show live. If you are reading this I probably don’t have to explain why, but it’s basically a part-time job to watch 5 hours of wrestling programming between Monday and Tuesday every week. I know there are other people out there with gainful employment who would like to stay up to date with what’s going on in WWE, or just what matches/segments they can skip while watching it on their DVR on Saturday morning…. I am here for you. Let’s get it started. Here’s the RAW breakdown. Stay tuned for SmackDown Live.


Kurt Angle starts the show off by working the crowd by talking about the great card they have for his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He is rudely interrupted by Brock Lesnar music. Enter Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar…

Paul Heyman lives for these moments. He is the king of hype. A true WWE microphone presence… almost a lyricist. Exhibit A…

During the segment Heyman accuses Angle of setting Lesnar up to fail in the Fatal Four-Way match at Summer Slam and vows that if Brock loses he will leave WWE. This all makes sense with the recent talk of Brock returning to UFC in the near future. It looks like they are setting up an exit. My money is on Brock losing the title at Summer Slam in the Fatal Four-Way with Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman.

Match: Hardy Boys vs. Anderson & Gallows

I’ll start by saying I either need full-fledged BROKEN Matt Hardy or I need him to stop wrestling. He has a set of 2x4s for legs, and looks like he has been taking walking lessons from the Great Khali. The match ends with a Hardy Boys win after a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy, which is still one of the best top rope finishes and he nails it every time.

DVR suggestion: fast forward to the Swanton Bomb and move on.

Match: Cruiserweight (couldn’t tell who it was)

They are handling this division wrong. It’s a joke. Bring Neville up to fight main roster Super Stars and cut everyone else. It’s garbage.

DVR suggestion: Smash the FF button

MizTV with Jason Jordan

Miz is the perfect heel and MizTV is electric. For instance, Miz starts the segment with “I can’t tell you how much I hate this city.” With a huge smirk on his face. So simple but so perfect. So he starts interviewing Jason Jordan, who I am sure everyone knows is Kurt Angle’s lovechild from a sexual encounter he had a while back. Miz ends up asking him to join the MizTourage, to which Jordan not-so-surprisingly declines. Miz then starts throwing some heat his way about his Dad (Kurt Angle), and Jordan then defends Angle and refers to him as “Kurt” not “dad” in the process. Jason Jordan sucks. The real story is his weird voice and the fact he is defending his dead beat dad that he’s known for 2 weeks. I wonder where they are going with this. They need to get there fast.

DVR suggestion: Listen to Jason Jordan’s weird voice and cringe-worthy defense of “Kurt”

Match: Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins wins on roll through pin. Cesaro ambushes and Ambrose comes to Rollins’ aid. Ambrose and Rollins both end up getting their asses kicked. It looks like they are setting up a Rollins and Ambrose tag team. Bring it on. I would love to see that.

DVR suggestion: Fast forward

Bray Wyatt Promo

Calls out Finn Balor in a Bray Wyatt kind of way. I love this feud. The character of Bray vs the spectacle of Finn Balor as the Demon King. I think they are setting up a Demon King return to Summer Slam to mirror last year’s match vs. Seth Rollins.

DVR suggestion: Watch

Match: Triple Threat… Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe and Strowman carried the match, and really comes down to move set for me. Joe is phenomenal in the ring. He shows great agility for his size. Same thing with Strowman, for being as huge as he is… he can move. Roman’s move set sucks. The Superman Punch suuuucks. The spear is weak. To top it all off he can’t sell moves. In the end he obviously wins because Vince loves him for no good reason. Hopefully that doesn’t happen at Summer Slam.

DVR Suggestion: Watch for Joe and Strowman

Match: Elias and Kalisto

Unless you like to watch Elias troll the crowd through song. Skip it. Elias wins.

DVR suggestion: Fast Forward

Match: Baylee and Nia Jax

Baylee wins by count out after overcoming interference from Alexa Bliss

DVR suggestion: Fast Forward

Match: Big Cass vs. Big Show

Enzo and Big Show team up to teach Cass some respect. Cass wins because Enzo interferes in the match. Sounds like a Summer Slam match I won’t want to see. One of the fillers to make the show as long as possible.

DVR suggestion: Fast Forward

Overall Show Rating: 3.56/5


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