Celebrate Beer Today… If You Weren’t Already Going to.

Today is the best holiday I never knew existed, and I am sure I am not the only one who didn’t know about it. In fact, it’s a fairly new holiday. International Beer Day has only been around since 2007 when it was just a small celebration in a local bar in Santa Cruz, CA. Today it is celebrated in over 200 cities and 50 countries. It’s kind of a big deal…. I would argue it should be a bigger deal.

It’s no secret that people love booze. Beer for me has a special place in my heart. There is no feeling like grabbing a cold bottle out of a cooler at cookout, ordering a tall draft IPA while out to dinner, or even pulling a piss warm Bud Light out of your golf bag in the middle of August. Beer is a part of my memories and most of the time helps create them.

My taste for beer has been a journey. In the early years, let’s say 21(“ehem”)- 23 I could care less about the brand or type of beer you drink. I was actually looking for the beer that tasted the most like water. Nobody funnels an Allagash White or Heady Topper. Nope… college kids across the country are shotgunning Keystone and Busch Lights to the point where it all tastes the same. Not to say I don’t enjoy a commercially brewed lager every now and then when I am getting after it, but I can say my taste has changed over the years.

More recently, as a new dad with a lot of new responsibilities above and beyond just work, I can say a good quality craft beer has become a huge part of my nightly routine. We will call it a quality over quantity approach to beer drinking. A craft beer is perfect for that. I appreciate the detail and attention the brewer puts into every aspect of the beer and packaging. Most of you have seen  my craft beer reviews on this very blog. I love the local flavor of Boston area micro-breweries. Where the beer is brewed offers another dimension to the character of it. Like a fine wine from the Bordeaux region of France.

Wherever you are in your beer journey…. Enjoy it your way today. I can guarantee there are people celebrating International Beer Day right now that don’t even know it.




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