Where Will Kyrie Land?

I want to start by saying…. Good for Kyrie. Get out of Cleveland before LeBron leaves that place in shambles again. You deserve the type of cash that Harden and Curry are getting. Besides you already brought Cleveland a championship. That’s right… KYRIE IRVING brought a championship to Cleveland. The ball was in Uncle Drew’s hands during those final seconds of Game 7 with the season on the line. Cue the superhero music…

Anyways… he is really good at basketball and deserves better. There are a handful of places that make sense for him to go:

  1. Orlando- The Magic need a spark. People forget this is a franchise that broke on the scene with Penny and Shaq in the late 90s and were in the finals in 08-09. They also added Jonathan Isaac in this year’s draft who is 6’11” with guard-type skills. Kyrie would be the face of this franchise surrounded by some young talent. They can make the money work and throw in some picks (which the Cavs will need to rebuild when LeBron leaves.)


2. Miami- If Kyrie could go to Miami and win a championship that would be the ultimate middle finger to LBJ. With a young core in place with Dion Waiters/Whiteside and role players like Wayne Ellington/James Johnson. This would be a great fit for Kyrie and Miami and I don’t think it would take much more than Dragic.


3. Detroit- After stealing Avery Bradley from the Celtics. The Pistons are in position to get better this year. With a core of Andre Drummond/Avery Bradley/Tobias Harris, and picking up Luke Kennard in the draft this year. If they could put together a package of picks and Reggie Jackson they could make it happen. Jackson seems like a guy LBJ would make the Cavs overpay for.


4. San Antonio- I think this is the least unlikely scenario. it just doesn’t seem like a Coach Pop move, and Kyrie doesn’t seem like a Spurs point guard. Although if they wanted to… they could make it happen. It would probably also lead to Kevin Love going elsewhere. This type of disruption is what King James would call killing 2 birds with 1 stone.


To me as a Celtics fan… this is all good news. Either Kyrie is traded and the Eastern Conference is wide open again with the Cs becoming favorites OR he stays in The Land and it becomes a season-long episode of LeBron subliminally blaming Kyrie for their short-comings. Either way this Celtics fan is pumped to see the Cavs basically self-destruct. Stay tuned…



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